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Window Shadings

Masterfully Modern

Imagine blending the beauty and softness of a sheer with the function and convenience of a blind. How genius is that?

Product Overview



  • Soften that harsh sunlight. Fabric vanes suspended between two sheer panels tilt to brighten up or dim down your environment.
  • Wonderfully wide for larger windows and doors. Up to 120" wide, in fact. Stay in proportion with three vane sizes to suit the scale of your windows.
  • Much less hassle than adding a skylight. The unique s-shaped vanes capture more light, illuminating a magically even glow deep within your room.
  • Drink in the view. When raised, the shading completely disappears into the headrail. When lowered, the magnificent outdoors remains in sight with no distracting lift cords.
  • Maximize your privacy. During the day, you can see out, but no one can see in. At night, close the vanes and voila… privacy assured.
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Go Vertical

  • Scale it up with 3 ½” vertical vanes. The look of soft drapes with the adjustability of blinds.
  • Complement your horizontal windows by coordinating them with vertical sliding glass doors. Style 101.
  • Rotate the vanes to maximize the view or minimize the light.
  • Guard against UV damage. Your furniture and floors will thank you.
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“Anti-moire.” What is that?

“Moire” defined: fabric with a wavy appearance. Our fabrics are uniquely designed so that at any angle the view is virtually clear of any distortion usually found when sheer fabrics are layered. Sheer brilliance.

Control Options

  • Beautiful form, beautiful function. Our innovative control options include RemoteLift 2.0 and even a Retractable Cord so your home is both safe and serene.

    • control options
      Continuous Cord Loop

      Tilts vanes open and closed as well as lifts and lowers your shades. The specially designed cord tensioner must be secured to the wall or window frame in order to function properly, so it eliminates dangling cords and enhances child safety.

    • control options
      Retractable Cord

      Raises and lowers the shading and tilts the vanes for exact light and privacy control. The single pull cord remains the same length for enhanced child safety.

    • control options
      RemoteLift Motorization

      Open, close, lift and lower your shades with the touch of a button. Ideal for hard-to-reach windows, this battery-operated wireless system operates within a 65-foot radius, with no line of sight required.

    • control options
      Momenta TM App

      Used with RemoteLift motorization, the Momenta app allows you to raise, lower and position your shades with your smart device. You can even schedule shades to operate on their own at programmed times.

Maintenance & Warranty


Day-to-day smudge and dust has little power over our specially-treated easy-care materials. A feather-like duster or a blow dryer (cool, please!) will keep your window coverings looking like new without super-hero effort.


We promise to stand by our product and will cover any defects in materials, mechanisms, workmanship or failure to operate properly. Because with Aztec, you have a partner for life.

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