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Features to Look For in a Workspace

The best window treatments for home office spaces work to maximize focus and health benefits while enhancing the ambiance of the office.

Minimize Glare

What if your morning headache has nothing to do with the fact your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet? Glare can cause eye strain, headaches, and even fatigue when working at a computer for too long. Light control is essential in home offices, and Norman® has a stunning range of light-filtering options that offer glare control for the perfect balance of natural light to minimize harmful glare.


Tackling your work to-do list is near impossible when your home office feels stuffy, drafty, or just plain uncomfortable. Window coverings play an essential role in regulating the temperature, humidity, and air quality of your home office all year round. Norman®’s shutters, Roman shades, and honeycomb shades are all great solutions for insulation and comfort control in your workspace.


Privacy is paramount in any workspace, and window treatments with more solid opacities can help keep snooping viewers away. Norman window treatments keep privacy as an essential function in mind – to provide the right amount of peaceful solitude for your home office.


Not only are motorized window treatments energy-efficient, but they also make it easy and convenient to adjust your office shutters and shades with the press of a button. Norman®’s motorized window treatments come with wireless remotes and app integrations so you can control them from anywhere in your home!

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