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Certain color palettes, silhouettes, and textures set the interior design trend for each year. In 2023, the modern and elegant arch trend continues. Arched windows can have a charming and captivating effect, lending an air of grandeur to living and dining room spaces.

Arched window treatments are set to be bigger than ever, adding interest with texture, subtle patterns, and modern color schemes. But since these types of windows are very particular, how can homeowners make the most of arched windows? You can preserve the design and unique shape while adapting functional window treatments to maximize style and benefits.

Adapting blinds to your arched windows has many benefits such as blocking out light and providing privacy, but arched windows can also be a challenge to cover. Check out our top arched window treatment solutions for 2023!

Decorating an Arched Window

Also called eyebrow arches or half arches, these half-moon windows can add character to your space that is both visually appealing and functional. They are commonly constructed from wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. In general, arch windows are usually composed of two arched window panels that come together in the center, making them perfect for the living room.

When decorating arched windows, opt for treatments that provide both style and privacy without detracting from the arched shape. Try cellular shades or shutters that are arched or curved to fit perfectly. This way, you can ensure that your arched windows can let in the view they are known for, but also provide shade and privacy when desired. When furnishing your arched windows, you have a wealth of choices. As you decide which style is right for you, it’s important to keep these considerations in mind:

Energy efficiency and lighting

The size and location of your arched windows will greatly impact the entrance of light. The amount of light that your windows let in can affect the room temperature of your space. The perfect arch window treatment goes hand in hand with energy efficiency. The right design has the ability to trap and filter unwanted UV rays that heat up your rooms, keeping your living areas comfortable year-round.

On the flip side, the perfect arched window treatments allow you maximum light control so that you can enjoy the natural sunlight each day. Exposure to natural sunlight is linked to several health benefits such as helping our bodies produce Vitamin D, improving our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, helping increase focus, and even boosting happiness.

Staying ahead of the curve with fabrics and prints

If you’re looking to give your rooms a contemporary refresh, there’s more than one way to go about it – and painting isn’t the only option! Window treatments can add calming colors that cultivate a warm, organic look. This year’s trends continue to be rooted in a focus on wellness in interior design.

Pair earth-tone shades of brown, red, burnt orange, and avocado green with neutrals to add rich and comforting color to your living areas. Simple, clean lines, and subtle geometric shapes are trending to add timeless design statements. For a more natural look, try window treatments with airy sheer fabrics that allow some of the light to filter in while also providing privacy.

Consider privacy

Privacy could be an issue if an arched window is not covered properly due to its shape and height. These windows can be more tricky to fit than rectangular windows. Common issues include too much light coming in, or the window treatments being too bulky and detracting from the arched shape.

The best-arched window coverings provide you with privacy while still allowing some natural light to filter in. To achieve this, try arched shutters for a traditional look or arched cellular shades for something more modern. This way, you can enjoy your arched windows while keeping prying eyes out.

Cellular Shade for Arched Windows

One of the best window treatment solutions for arched windows is cellular shades, otherwise known as honeycomb shades. Cellular shades are our top choice because they come in arched sizes to fit perfectly and provide insulation. Plus, they block out the sun’s glare and provide a layer of privacy without detracting from the arched shape of the window.

AZTEC's specialty-shaped AZTEC's Honeycomb Shadescan adapt to the arched window shape and they’re great for reducing energy costs while striking a perfect balance between a functional and stylish look.

Shutters for Arched Windows

Love the modern look of custom window shutters? AZTEC's premium arched shutters can be specially designed to fit your arched window. This careful and intentional customization gives your window treatments a cleaner look that doesn’t look improvised or forced.

Crafted from high-quality materials and built to last, our shutters

are designed to fit any size and any shape of window or door, including any specialty shape. They come in a vast variety of looks & colors while still providing superior light control, making them a great choice for arched windows.

Options to Complement Your Arched Windows

Looking for a wider selection? The following alternatives are not typically designed for this window type, but they can perfectly complement shutters and honeycomb shades while also providing extra light filtering options.

Blinds for Arched Windows

If you love the beauty of natural light, consider blinds for arched windows with a palladian shelf. AZTEC Wood Blinds with a palladian shelf can accommodate your needs by covering the majority of the arched window, minus the very top of the arch. This allows a certain amount of unfiltered natural illumination to stream in at all times, giving the space an open and airy feel without sacrificing privacy and light control.

Roman Shades

Similar to AZTEC Wood Blinds, AZTEC Roman Shades don’t cover the arch, but they can add the look of soft folds to the bottom portion of the window with the addition of a palladian shelf. These shades are sought after for their sleek yet classic look, which can help complement any modern interior decor! These shades are crafted from a range of fabrics, including high-quality Libeco linen, and are made to provide exceptional performance for years to come.

Enjoy Aztec's solutions for Arched Windows

No matter your style or budget, we can help. AZTEC'S arched window treatments are designed to provide a custom fit and design for any arched window. Our dedicated retailers offer free in-home consultations to help you explore our popular window shades and find the perfect option for your arched windows. Contact one today to get started!

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